The World Seed

Where Players Meet

Rust Server "The World Seed"

This Server is located in Sweden. The Admins is working all the time, on the server.  And the moderator is running around in the server.


Last parts have arrive starting  the build asap. Hopefully all will be done by the end of tonight.. Working as hard as possible.

Wohoo Server Seems to work again, updating and installing. All will be Done Latest 18:00 CEST


The first parts of the new Machine has arrived... only waiting for the most important one.. THE MOTHERBOARD sigh... when it has arrived i will assemble and build up the new Server... so bare with me, maybe 1-2 days tops..


Motherboard has given up :( i will try to get a hold of a new one asap.
Working on it, so please be patient.


Hardware crash, working on it Server will be up and running asap.
Sometime this afternoon i hope. Will post here when problem is solved.